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Link to ODPI Egeria Calendar that contains entries for ODPi Egeria related events  :calendars.  (note this is moving to a new calendar, which is used by many LFAI and Data projects )

Link to previous events: Previous Events (this includes videos and presentations of the Egeria sessions - so you can learn about different aspects of Egeria). 

Link to community meetings minutes: Community Meetings (these are technical meetings where vision, architecture and development etc are shared, discussed and agreed openly in the community).

Link to Webinars: Egeria Webinar program  (these are education on particular aspects of open metadata and governance, often for a particular audience / use case)

Link to Dojo planning : Egeria Dojo program planning (these are hands on self paced tutorials, to run various parts of Egeria yourself).    

Core Team

  • David Radley (Team leader)
  • Maryna Strelchuk


One of the main purposes of the Egeria Technical Steering committee is to openly share and promote understanding of Egeria. Holding events is one of the ways the Egeria community can come together and learn from each other.  As many use cases benefit from using Open Metadata, it is important to understand the which use cases Egeria can readily engage with. Each use case, has associated personas and communities associated with conferences. Coco Pharmaceuticals is a fictitious organisation that is used by the Egeria team to illustrate different open metadata and governance scenarios. Coco Pharmaceuticals has personas that make use of Egeria in various scenarios  

Conference Types

Here is an incomplete draft list of conference types based on the discussion in the TLC meeting on the 11/11/20. It includes a Coco Pharmaceutical persona, to give an idea of the scenarios Egeria can help with.  

Conference TypePersonaExample
Open Source conferences

Erin Overview 

Jules Keeper

The Linux Foundation Open Source summitEgeria was represented at the LFAI  booth in October 2020
Data and Governance peopleErin OverviewBig Data London


Jules KeeperChief Data Officer Exchange
DevopsGary Geeke KubeCon
Financial industries Reggie MintFintech
Data ScienceCallie QuartileStrata
SemanticsFaith Broker

Security Ivor Padlock

Developer ConferencesBob NitterRed Hat Summit
Vendor conferences
IBM Think


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