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2023-06-28 CM - Deployments
2023-06-21 CM - Data Products
  • Dan Wolfson David Radley write up the discussion around more dynamic configuration requiring new jar files to be added / deleted from the image 
Dan Wolfson2023-05-17 Cloud native workgroup
Nigel Jones2023-05-17 Cloud native workgroup
2023-03-22 CM - Glossary Development
2023-03-15 CM - Metadata controlled integration daemon
2023-01-18 CM - Python client
  • Dedicate some additional time on community call to followup discussion around use-cases, ideally soon/11 may Mandy Chessell
Mandy Chessell2022-05-04 CM - Egeria Kubernetes Operator, development update
  • David Radley David to develop to completion the server author UI as per the presentation
David Radley2022-01-26 CM - Server Author UI
2021-09-22 CM - Effectivity Dating

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