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This is the home page for the Egeria project's technical steering committee (TSC).  This is the team that manage the health and vitality of the Egeria project. 

Goal of the TSC ...

To build a sustainable, inclusive and diverse community of contributors and consumers for Egeria that focuses on smooth adoption whilst delivering valuable, innovative function.

  • Release planning - maintain the roadmap based on known activity by the Egeria community.
  • Project health
    • review community status dashboard and take action to strengthen the community.
    • identify other technologies to partner with to broaden Egeria's ecosystem (and influence)
    • help key vendors interested in using Egeria
    • Improving resiliance of project by ensuring there are multiple people who know each component and process (bus factor).
  • Project quality - review processes, documentation and testing levels appropriate for each function depending on its maturity
  • Communication and events - organize content for blogs, social media etc as well as organize monthly webinars. Identify opportunities for conference presentations that support community development.
  • Governance processes

TSC roles

The roles identify individuals responsible for commissioning workgroups, tracking and maintaining documentation about an aspect of Egeria's operation. They look for opportunities to grow the Egeria community. Roles should rotate regularly.

  • TSC leader - organizes calls and chairs the meetings - responsibility of the project leader - Mandy Chessell
  • Security leader - reports on vulnerabilities and the results of the security scans. Coordinates security workgroups - Ljupcho Palashevski Bogdan Sava
  • Release leader - reports on the contributions flowing into each release and maintains the release plan - Nigel Jones
  • Comms leader - manages the flow of communications generated by the activities of the project - Dan Wolfson ( William Bittles )
  • Events leader - manages the event calendar - webinars, conference attendance etc - David Radley
  • Community leader - reports on state of the community, manages weekly community call agenda - Maryna Strelchuk
  • Innovation leader - looks at work and identifies innovative practices and features that we should celebrate - Graham Wallis
  • Architecture leader - maintains the architecture principles, provides education and ensures component owners are maintaining design documentation - Graham Wallis
  • Adoption leader - focuses on ensuring the documentation and content of Egeria supports the understanding, architecture and deployment - Dan Wolfson ( Chris Grote )
  • Front End (UI) leader - focuses on coordinating the different UI efforts to make use of shared components and approaches - Cezar Sîrbu

Proposed activities

  • Monthly meetings to review status gathered by each of the leaders and plan next steps (open and anyone can attend) plus
    • Sounding board for maintainers on new features
    • Sounding board for organizations wanting to adopt
    • Sponsoring high value features that will help the community grow
    • Reviewing project health and organizing changes when needed

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