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The Egeria community meetings are on Wednesdays 8:00am to 9:00am US Eastern and the link to join the meeting is   The topics vary from week to week but we aim to cover the latest news from Egeria along with discussions about different governance challenges and reviews of new materials.  These meetings are labelled CM.

In addition there are quarterly design meetings that run for a few days and go into more detail about a future topic.  These meetings are labelled DM.

All are welcome.

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Upcoming Meetings

19th January 2022 - Archive management Mandy Chessell

26th January 2022 - Server Author UI - David Radley

2nd February 2022 - Atruvia Egeria experience - Jürgen H.

February 2022 - Setting up the governance program Mandy Chessell

February 2022 - Egeria ... catalog thyself Mandy Chessell

Meeting Minutes:

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