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  • The Release team's objective is to ensure delivery of, and improve:
    • Monthly releases of the core egeria project
    • Regular releases of ancilliary projects, appropriate to their status
    • Identifying likely changes such as new features in upcoming releases
    • Ensure release planning is transparent, and can easily seen by interested parties
    • Ensure release contents are clearly documented for users
    • Ensure an appropriate build, test, packaging,distribution processes
    • maintain a focus on continued improvement
    • ...

Core Team

  • Nigel Jones (Team leader)
  • Mandy Chessell
  • Chris Repogle
  • Christopher Grote
  • William Bittles
Please add your name in the table above if interested

Regular Meetings



In more detail.....

A few examples of the kind of areas we can look into improving as this workgroup gets under way. New ideas are welcome.

As the group evolves we'll figure out the best way to track these intiatives

How we determine what content we expect to put into the release?

  • Identify high level themes that may span multiple releases - at TSC and community calls including input by reviewing issues

How do we track what is in a release?

  • Could we use ZenHub or GitHub project boards? How are items tagged?
  • High level summary for major themes linked from this wiki?
  • How do we review regularly? 
  • How do see at a glance what is in a future release? or current/past?
  • how can we harvest such information for release notes? 
  • How do we better capture infor like dependency updates or bug fixes?
  • How is the release plan communicated to the development team?

Can we have a more fixed release schedule?

How do we better communicate with our consumers?

  • release notes content and structure
  • Blogs, Wikis

How do we improve our release process?

  • improved testing during development - unit tests, FVTs, integration tests in pipelines
  • improved release pipelines
  • ensuring docs in place as features are released
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