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Egeria Dojos are a great way to get hands on experience on using Egeria. All the existing Dojo content is available online here .

From time to time new Dojo content is created and / or presented. The table below contains is the planned Egeria Dojos.

Dojo community call.pdf were slides presented and updated on 22nd of October in the Egeria community call. The below table is the definitive information used for planning the Dojos.

DateTimeTitleDescriptionContributersKey Reviewers
17th January 202210AM-17:00PM (UTC)Running Egeria

How to setup and run Egeria in different environments.

Move over to use XTDB (Crux)?

Using K8s.

This will include the Jupyter notebooks.

This will cover usage of the React UI.

Zoom Conference    

Nigel : day owner

David :Server author

Ljupcho: help Nigel

Chris R. 
18th February 202210AM-17:00PM (UTC)Developing on Egeria

›Links to be able raise issues / get help.

›Connector overview

›Use of java clients, postman collections (for testing) and using the digital resource connectors in applications


›Data connectors

›Integration connectors

›Repository connectors

›Egeria Diagnostics

›Egeria APIs Javadoc, swagger (rest calls not supported, platform & view services supported), Python

›Pulling in samples (from the Git samples repo) so there is an example for

a connector / project


Mandy owning developing day

Nigel help with packaging




14th March 202210AM-17:00PM (UTC)Metadata Governance

Using Egeria to governance metadata and data.  



›Metadata supply chains


›Metadata discovery

›Governance Actions

›Governance maturity

Mandy owns




18th April 202210AM-17:00PM (UTC)Contributing to EgeriaUnderstanding the tools, techniques and processes used by the Egeria. Combine 2 existing days to 1

Maryna owns

David can do the open source philosophy

16th May 202210AM-17:00PM (UTC)Running Egeria in Production

Designing Egeria ecosystem, security, the Egeria operator, HA configurations, backup/restore.

›Kubenetes operator

›Topology: how many platforms, where are they deployed, how many servers. 

›Monitoring: including setting up Prometheus endpoint and managing audit log destinations.  Building the run book for Egeria

›HA : Availability / reliability / resilient





›Security : TLS / SSL and …

No day owner.

Mandy :Backups&recovery& topology 

Ljupcho :Threat model and Monitoring and see if there is interest in ING to help with K8s.

Nigel: K8s operator&security

Chris G:


Chris R


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