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The Egeria Webinar program is a series of regular webinars that provide education around Egeria, detailing why Egeria is so important when governing data from different sources. The program covers many topics including data strategy, adoption, contribution, integrations with different technologies as well as core education.  

Proposed Webexes  and Dojo

Workshop in August to agree new improved Dojo content.  

Visualising a metadata eco system - David Radley early September

The session is for people looking to understand the metadata across their ecosystem in terms of the 

Egeria open types and instances using visualisations in the Egeria React User Interface. Understanding the types is import knowledge when developing connectors and new APIs like OMAS’s. This session will also show how metadata instances can be explored at a low level. This will be contrasted with an exploration of semantic data that is based on the Subject Area Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS).

What next after you have built a catalog - journey Mandy Chessell early October

Journey integration manual cataloging -> integration daemon -> discovery.


Open lineage - ING and Mandy early November  

This session will describe how to set up an Egeria production system where lineage can be visualised based on metadata from multiple sources. This will include scenarios:

  • metadata accessed using the OMRS repository connector proxy to a proprietary metadata repository
  • A scenario with all open source content and no proprietary code.
  • Lineage capture in various use cases
  • Consolidated view

Egeria working with Open lineage and Open lineage services?

Dojo - January

Day 1 - re run of some of the existing dojo material. Simple Kubenetes + Kafka environment.  Volunteers?


Day 2 - volunteers for new material. 

          - UI react 

          - UI open lineage

          - Open lineage

          - Integration daemons?

          - operator? 

          - how to build a repository connector - Chris G Hello world connector


Kubenetes operators and Egeria - December - Nigel

Time Travelling with Egeria - Chris Grote 

This session will introduce a new metadata repository called Crux that supports historical metadata queries.  

How to build a repository connector - February Chris Grote

Hello world connector

How to build an integration connector - March ?

What next after you have built a catalog - making it real Mandy Chessell 

  • Making it real in organisation- infrastructure and culture change. 
  • What next after you have built a catalog - strategic view Mandy Chessell 

   - Augmenting with governance (maturity model) - strategic look at metadata management

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