Below is a listing of articles describing in detail how to carry out various tasks related to adopting Egeria.

How to find entities and relationships

An Egeria Metadata Repository contains entities that represent the objects in your data lake and relationships that describe how those objects are related to one another. Collectively, these entities and relationships are known as metadata instances.

Every Metadata Repository implements the Metadata Collection interface, which supports methods to add and remove metadata instances, and read or update existing instances.

Implement an Open Metadata Repository Connector

Eager to integrate your own metadata repository into the Egeria ecosystem, but not sure where to start? This article walks through how to do just that: implementing an open metadata repository connector according to the standards of ODPi Egeria.

Integrating a metadata repository into the Open Metadata ecosystem involves coding an Open Metadata Collection Store Connector. These are Open Connector Framework (OCF) connectors that define how to connect to and interact with a metadata repository.

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