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Review and maintenance of architecture principles

Support two broad audiences:

  •     External (adopter and partner) audience who would benefit from 'high-level' architectural knowledge to enable them to adopt or contribute to Egeria
  •     Internal (community) audience that would benefit from sharing of detailed architecture and design material to improve components and interfaces

Cover two scopes of architectural information:

  •   Component/function scoped architecture/design points - e.g. the open types, discovery, repository connectors, ...
  •   Cross cutting themes - such as pluggability, dependency management for lean builds, security, ...

 The general intention of the Architecture sub-team is to contribute and maintain material on the Egeria web site

 We also envisage a regular heartbeat (perhaps once per month) of architecture/design presentations e.g. by a component owner or an adopter - these could be recorded and posted on YouTube etc.


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