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  • Community - Maryna working on proposal for a customer advisory
  • Events - David working on Webinar series
    • Ecosystem UI -
    • Subject Area OMAS - David
    • CRUX and historical queries - Chris
    • Integration Daemon - Mandy
    • Lineage - Ljupcho and Mandy
    • Kubernetes and Operator - Nigel
  • Release - 3.0 has branch and in test - Nigel
    • Chris R asking for help with the SAS connector release
    • Charts are now in their own git repository
    • Egeria UI is building on v2.8 and needs updating to a later release
    • When do we need to create an uber assembly git repository
      • Need to think of different consumption models
      • Decided to use the webinar series to example of how to build a custom
  • Comms - working on blog article for the Postgres Integration Connector - Billy
    • Where should blogs be published - Medium

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Action items