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  • Begin to define the strategy for 2021

Discussion items

  • Priorities for 2021
    • Consumption of Egeria
    • Expanding developer ecosystem
    • Completing scenarios
  • Approach
    • Focus on specific scenarios
      • Suggestions for scenarios
        • Support for the Hadoop ecosystem
        • Look at the governance maturity model and try to support each of the levels
        • Availability in each of the major cloud providers
        • Side-car historical metadata repository
        • More support for lineage - the journey
          • Planning for lineage
          • Operationalizing lineage
        • Automated curation of assets
        • Full lifecycle of analytical models
        • Auditor conversation on GDPR aspects - tie back to cloud data management capabilities from the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) council
    • Focus on specific roles and what it can bring to it
      • Driving solutions parts of the user interfaces
    • Focus on technologies
      • list of connectors
      • python libraries

Action items

Next meeting 27th January 2021

  • Review suggested scenarios
    • Billy - what is metadata - perspectives for different user roles
    • Maryna/Ljupcho - lineage
    • Mandy - governance maturity model