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Discussion items

  • Chris Grote suggested an on-going stand-up style meeting structure:
    • Start each call with 2m per TSC area lead to provide a brief status update and call out any requests for help
    • Ensures that each week every area is able to note progress and avoid being blocked if any key inputs are needed
    • Remaining 40m of each TSC call can then be used for other business: presentation of detailed topics, discussion, debate, decisioning, etc.
  • Overall security checks are running well
  • Working on operationalising static checks of the code
  • Will follow-up with a way of working by either raising issues or discussing specific topics further on the security call
  • Have also started running penetration tests
  • Planning to branch for Release 2.5 tomorrow
  • Looking for volunteers to help plan future releases (offers from: Chris Grote and Chris Replogle)
2mCommunicationsWilliam Bittles--
  • Core team identified for driving events
  • Planning workshop for next month
  • Helping plan workshop for next month
  • Trying to plan agendas in advance for community calls for broader awareness of the topics up-front
  • Call for interest in designing / planning implementation of a historical repository
2mFront end (UI)
  • Looking for further adopters of the "happigraph" component
  • Looking to move the presentation server out into a separate repository as well

Discussed the spread of repositories

  • Desire to have a single point at which we can see all the repositories (
  • Need to be careful about how we manage dependencies across repositories (build-time and run-time)

Action items