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titleAvailability of functionality for common use cases
Expanding the

Including expanding our ecosystem of connectors

: for example, delivering new integration connectors for common components like databases (target: four per year).Delivering entirely new functionality that addresses a commonly-requested scenario: for example, building a repository connector that supports history (target: one per year)

and delivering entirely new functionality.

titleKnowledge-sharing on using Egeria for such common use cases

Expanding Including expanding documentation: for example, additional tutorials, how-to guides, and interface descriptions, with a particular initial focus on entry points (target: constant).

  • Including making the documentation and examples as directly-usable as possible (e.g. allowing Notebook-based tutorials to be opened directly and experimented with in a hosted environment)
  • Also to consider the use of education environments (like EdX) for training and potential certification purposes

    , hands-on guides and pre-packaged deployment options and samples.

    titleBuilding relationships with related projects, vendors and potential adopters
  • The public adoption of Egeria by organisations: for example, using Egeria to deliver data lineage across their ecosystem (target: two per year).
  • Providing a mechanism to receive

    Including sharing experiences of adopting Egeria and receiving input from the extended community on guiding

    priorities in each of these areas (e.g. via polls and / or surveys)

    our priorities.