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Event/Meeting Details

LF AI Participation Overview: 

Event Location & Date(s): Virtual - June 22, 2020 - via Zoom - 13:00 - 17:00 - Central European Summer Time (UTC +2)

Event Website: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/virtual-lf-ai-day-eu/

Please submit any questions about LF AI participation at this event to: Chrissy Harter, charter@linuxfoundation.org

LF AI Event/Meeting Lead Name & Contact Details: Jamil Chawki, jamil.chawki@orange.com 

Register for event here: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/virtual-lf-ai-day-eu/register/

Planning To-Do List

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To Do

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Launch website and registration formMay 28XLF AI
Promote event on blog and social channelsJune 1XLF AITwitter & Linkedin Posts on LF AI account & announcement sent to LF staff & all mailing lists
Finalize agenda & add to wiki pageJune 3X

Event Host

Request zoom meeting linkJune 5XEvent HostReview the Zoom Guide for Events or Meetups.
Weekly social promotionJune 8XLF AITwitter & Linkedin Posts on LF AI account
Weekly social promotionJune 15XLF AITwitter & Linkedin Posts on LF AI account
Provide LF AI with content for pre-event and post-event emails to attendeesJune 19XEvent Host
  1. Pre-Event Email: Meeting Details Sharing - Include final email copy and date/time to send (suggest sending 24 hrs prior to meeting) to the registered attendees the Zoom details - Example
  2. Post-Event Email: Thank You & CTA's - Final email copy and date/time (suggest directly after the meeting) to be sent with thank you and the calls to action (such as visit a specific website, join mail list, where to view meeting content, etc.) - Example
Day before social promotionJune 21XLF AITwitter & Linkedin Posts on LF AI account
Send Pre-event email to attendeesJune 21XLF AI
Send post-event email to attendeesJune 22XLF AI
Draft post-event recap blog June 23XLF AI
Review/approve post-event recap blogJune 25XEvent Host
Promote post-event recap on blog & social channelsJune 26XLF AI

Final Agenda:

Link to agenda: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/virtual-lf-ai-day-eu/program/schedule/

Meeting Recording & Presentations:

Link to Recorded Zoom Meeting: TBD



Presentation (Link)

WelcomeClaire Chauvin, Orange

AgendaJamil Chawki, Orange

AI beyond ML & DLFrançois Jezequel, Orange

LF AI Updates and the Road AheadIbrahim Haddad, LF AI

Acumos AI New Release & Network Automation Use CasesAnwar Aftab, AT&T
Accelerating AI delivery through an AI MarketplaceFrançois Tillerot, Orange

Conversational AILara Rouyrès & Romain Rivière, Levia

AI, Empowering Human PotentialXavier Ragage, Xtramile


Introducing RosaeNLG, an Open Source NLGLudan Stoecklé, RosaeNLG

Semantic Non-Negative Matrix Tri-Factorization for Document-word Co-ClusteringMelissa Ailem, Aghiles Salah and Mohamed Nadif, Université de Paris

Neural SearchHan Xiao, Jina AI

Visual AutomationDavid Novak, Ximilar

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