Current state: Under Discussion



Keywords: collection, meta, export, backup



To add the ability to forbidding dm operation on collection.


  • Freeze or Archive a collection if there is no need to change the data inside it to improve the Search performance
  • Keep the collection meta stable before exporting or backup it.
  • Add the ability to re-allocate dml/delta channel on demand.

Public Interfaces

Public API to freeze and unfreeze a collection is needed.

//TODO proto here

Design Details

  • Update meta in RootCoord and record the freezing timestamp
  • Write a FreezingCollection message into dml channel
  • If a datanode receives a FreezingCollection message, it shall flush all segments in the memory and close the flowgraph after notifying the DataCoord
  • If a querynode received a FreezingCollection message, its shall close the flowgraph and notify the QueryCoord. While the growing segment shall remains the same and waits for the hand-off.

Test Plan

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