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Milvus 2.1 Timeline 

What's inside milvus 2.1?


                     String Support

                                  MEP 11 -- Support String DataType

                     Data Time To Live(TTL)

                               Support automatically purge outdated data 

                     Multi Memory Replica


                     Speculative execution

                                  Speculative execution is an optimization technique where a computer system performs some task that may not be needed


                 Account and password

Architecture Change:

                     Plugin Message Storage

                                   More message storage options, such as Kafka, pulsar, rockmq....

                     Add Log node as a new component


                                   each channel will be handled by one log node, all time tick will be sent by log node rather than root coord.

                                   log node can implement log indexes for PK → Segment mapping

                     Move knowhere out of  Milvus as a independent oss project 

Performance Boosting:.  Goal → 10ms e2e latency under small data size(Minimize the overhead), 10000 + QPS for 100m 768 dim vectors(Maximize Throughput)

                     Full Performance benchmark 

                     Performance bottle neck removal

                     In Memory RPC under standalone mode

                                  change grpc into a new implementation

                     Request combination 

                                 Merge multiple small nq request into a large nq request to improve throughput

 Ease of use:

                     Support Milvus Standalone as a single process

                   Support Milvus as a python embedded library.

                     Dev && run milvus on Mac and Arm server

                     C++/Restful SDKs

Other community improvements





                      Looking for volunteers on refine technical documentation

                      Refines logs with new standard.


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