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Event planning and general information template below - To be updated by Event/Meeting Lead

Event/Meeting Details

LF AI & Data Participation Overview: 

LF AI & Data Foundation is pleased to welcome you at the LF AI & Data Day* – ONNX Community Virtual Meetup – March 2021. This event will be hosted online via Zoom video conferencing on Wednesday, March 24. The event will feature the LF AI & Data hosted Graduated Project, ONNX.

The event will cover ONNX Community updates, partner/end-user stories, and SIG/WG updates. Check back for a full agenda soon.

If you are using ONNX in your services and applications, building software or hardware that supports ONNX, or contributing to ONNX, you should attend! This is a great opportunity to meet with and hear from people working with ONNX across many companies.

Note: In order to ensure the safety of our event participants and staff due to the Novel Coronavirus situation (COVID-19) the ONNX Steering Committee decided to make this a virtual-only event via Zoom.

*LF AI & Data Day is a regional, one-day event hosted and organized by local members with support from LF AI & Data and its Projects. Learn more about the LF AI & Data Foundation here.

Event Location & Date(s): 

Zoom meeting on Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Event Time:

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM - PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

Event Website: 

Event Registration:

Please submit any questions about LF AI & Data participation at this event to:

Event Lead Name & Contact Details: Ti Zhou (Baidu) <>

Planning To-Do List

Tracking for to-do items, due dates, owners, and notes

To Do

Due Date




Post presentations and recordingsMarch 25
Event Lead
Communicate availability of the event's recordings and presentationsMarch 31
LF AI & Data-LF AI social scheduled for TBD.

DRAFT Schedule & Presentations  - to be updated



Topic / Speaker

Deck / Recording Links

Wed March 24
5pm PT USA

Thur March 25
8am China

25mEvent Kickoff

All presentations in one deck

Q&A - #onnx-general slack channel

5Welcome and opening
Speaker: Ti Zhou (Baidu)

20ONNX Progress Update
Speaker: ONNX SC (Prashanth, Harry, Jim, Joohoon, Sheng)

5:25pm PT USA

8:25am China

100mCommunity Presentations

deck / prerecording (English)


deck / prerecording (Chinese)


popONNX: Support ONNX on IPU
Speaker: Han Zhao (GraphCore-UK)

deck / prerecording (Mar 15)


Spring Project:Multi Backend Neural Network Auto Quantization and Deploy over ONNX
Speaker: Yu Feng Wei (SenseTime-HongKong)


ONNX Runtime for Mobile Scenarios: From model to on-device inferencing
Speaker: Tom Wildenhain (Microsoft-USA)


Introduction to DL Framework PaddlePaddle and Paddle2ONNX Module
Speaker: Wranky Wang (Baidu-China)


ONNX on microcontrollers
Speaker: Rohit Sharma (AITechSystems-USA_CA)

deck / prerecording (Mar 10)


Monitoring and Explaining ONNX Models in Production
Speaker: Krishna Gade (FiddlerAI-USA_CA)

deck / prerecording (Mar 11)

10mONNX client for Acumos
Speaker: Philippe Dooze (Orange-France)
deck / prerecording (Mar 10)


Deploy ONNX model seamlessly across the cloud, edge, and mobile devices using MindSpore
Speaker: Leon Wang (Huawei-China)


ONNX Runtime Training
Speaker: Peng Wang (Microsoft_China)


Quantization support for ONNX using LPOT (Low precision optimization tool)
Speaker: Rajeev Nalawadi (Intel-China)

deck / prerecording (Mar 12*)

7:05pm PT USA

10:05am China


7:15pm PT USA

10:15am China

45mSIG's and WG's Updates and Discussions

deck / prerecording (English)


deck / prerecording (Chinese)

10Architecture/Infrastructure SIG Update
Chair: Ashwini Khade (Microsoft)

10Operators SIG Update
Co-Chairs: Michał Karzyński (Intel) and Emad Barsoum (Microsoft)


Converters SIG Update
Co-Chairs: Chin Huang (IBM) and Guenther Schmuelling (Microsoft)


Model Zoo/Tutorials SIG Update
Co-Chair: Wenbing Li (Microsoft) and Vinitra Swamy (Microsoft)

5Q&A / Open DiscussionsQ&A - #onnx-general slack channel

8:00pm PT USA

11:00am China

Total 180


EndFinal Recording Full Event (Available March 25 after online event)

Additional Community Submissions not in main program  - not covered online, but thank-you to submitters who can upload deck and prerecording for community to review at their leisure


Deck / Prerecording (Links)

My experience implementing ONNX import for GAP processors
Contact: Martin Croome (Greenwaves Tech)

deck / prerecording (Mar 11)

How we are making it insanely easy to deploy ml/ai models from jetson nano to Azure with ONNX
Contact: Mahash Yadav (Microsoft)
deck / prerecording
Visualizing ONNX models’ internal data: Key things to look for?
Contact: Mina Amiri (Zetane)
deck / prerecording

Deploying 3rd Party Models in PaddlePaddle via X2Paddle Converter
Contact: JiaJun Jiang (Baidu)

deck / prerecording

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