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Below is an overview of the current discussion topics within the Trusted AI Committee. Further updates will follow as the committee work develops. 

  • Focus of the committee is on policies, guidelines, tooling and use cases by industry

  • Survey and contact current open source Trusted AI related projects to join LF AI efforts 

  • Create a badging or certification process for open source projects that meet the Trusted AI policies/guidelines defined by LF AI

  • Create a document that describes the basic concepts and definitions in relation to Trusted AI and also aims to standardize the vocabulary/terminology

Mail List

Please self subscribe to the mail list here at

Or email for more information. 


Initial Organizations Participating: AT&T, Amdocs, Ericsson, IBM, Orange, TechM, Tencent

Committee Chairs

NameRegionOrganizationEmail AddressLF ID
Animesh SinghNorth

Committee Participants
NameOrganization Email AddressLF ID
Ofer HermoniAmdocs
Mazin GilbertATT 
Alka RoyATT 
Mikael Anneroth 
Jim SpohrerIBM
Maureen McElaneyIBM
Susan MalaikaIBM (but different email address)
Nat SubramanianTech Mahindra
 Han XiaoTencent
Wenjing ChuFutureweichu.wenjing@gmail.comWenjing Chu


- All the assets being 

Sub Categories

- Fairness: Methods to detect and mitigate bias in datasets and models, including bias against known protected populations

- Robustness: Methods to detect alterations/tampering with datasets and models, including alterations from known adversarial attacks

- Explainability: Methods to enhance understandability/interpretability by persona/roles in process of AI model outcomes/decision recommendations, including ranking and debating results/decision options

- Lineage: Methods to ensure provenance of datasets and AI models, including reproducibility of generated datasets and AI models



How to Join: Visit the Trusted AI Committee Group Calendar to self subscribe to meetings.

Or email for more information. 

Meeting Content (minutes / recording / slides / other):



22nd Jan 2020

Proposed Agenda

  • Discuss AIF360 work around SKLearn community
12th Dec 2019

Proposed Agenda

  • Meeting notes are now in GitHub here:
  • Since we don't record and share our committee meetings should our committee channel in Slack be made private for asyncronous conversation outside these calls?
  • Introduction of MLOps  in IBM Trusted AI projects
  • Design thinking around integrating Trusted AI projects in Kubeflow Serving

Proposed Agenda:

  • Jim to get feedback from LFAI Board meeting
  • Romeo to demo AIF360 -Nifi Integration + feedback from his talk at OSS Lyon
  • Alka to present AT&T Working doc
  • Discuss holiday week meeting potential conflicts (28 Nov - US Holiday, 26 Dec - Day after Christmas)

Notes from call:

Ofer, Alka, Francois, Nat, Han, Animesh, Jim, Maureen, Susan, Alejandro


  • Animesh walked through the draft slides (to be presented in Lyon to LFAI governing board about TAIC)
  • Discussion of changes to make
  • Discussion of members, processes, and schedules


  • Jim will put slides in Google Doc and share with all participants
  • Susan is exploring a slack channel for communications
  • Trust and Responsibility, Color, Icons to add Amdocs, Alejandro's Institute
  • Next call Cancelled (31 October) as many committee members will be at OSS EU and TensorFlow World

Notes from the call:


Animesh Singh (IBM), Maureen McElaney (IBM), Han Xiao (Tencent), Alejandro Saucedo, Mikael Anneroth (Eriksson), Ofer Hermoni (Amdocs)

Animesh will check with Souad Ouali to ensure Orange wants to lead the Principles working group and host regular meetings. Committee members on the call were not included in the email chains that occurred so we need to confirm who is in charge and how communication will occur.

The Technical working group has made progress but nothing concrete to report.

A possible third working group could form around AI Standards.

Notes from the call:


Ibrahim. H, Nat .S, Animesh.S, Alka.R, Jim.S, Francios. J, Jeff. C, Maureen. M, Mikael. A, Ofer. H, Romeo.K
  • Goals defined for the meeting:
  • Working Group Names and Leads have been confirmed:

    Principles, lead: Souad Ouali (Orange France) with members from Orange, AT&T, Tech Mahindra, Tencent, IBM, Ericsson, Amdocs.

    Technical, lead: Romeo Kienzler (IBM Switzerland) with members from IBM, AT&T, Tech Mahindra, Tencent, Ericsson, Amdocs, Orange.

    Working groups will have a weekly meeting to make progress.  First read out to LF AI governing board will be Oct 31 in Lyon France.

    The Principles team will study the existing material from companies, governments, and professional associations (IEEE), and some up with set that can be shared with the technical team for feedback as a first step.  We need to identify and compile the existing materials.

    The Technical team is working on Acuomos+Angel+AIF360 integration demonstration.

    3. Possible Discussion about third working group

  • Discussion about LFAI day in Paris

  • More next steps
    • Will begin recording meetings in future calls.

Notes from call:

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