The Resources for LF AI & Data Community Hosted Events is available to provide references, best practices, and standard planning templates. These resources are intended to support community hosted events, both in person or virtual, such as regional LF AI & Data Days. Please note that most LF AI & Data community/member hosted events will have variations based on their resources and overall planning.

The Resources for LF AI & Data Community Hosted Events will be updated over time so please check back for updates prior to starting your planning efforts for an event. If you have recommendations on how to improve these resources, please do share so that the content can continue to improve with feedback directly from the LF AI & Data community.

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Get Started

To get started, please review the following:

Member-Led Events in a Box

Zoom Guidelines

Template Event Wiki

LF AI & Data Day - Instructions For Event Hosts

For access to LF AI & Data content, including the current LF AI & Data Overview Deck and How to Get Involved Guide, click here.

For access to the LF AI & Data powerpoint template, click here.

For access to LF AI & Data and project logos, click here.

If you have an event you want to plan or have any questions, please email events@lfaidata.foundation. 

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