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Design Details(required)

1. Current dependence

  • Segcore depends on the query module, both of them depend on faiss lib.
  • Except for NSG and SPTAG, other index implementations are based on VecIndex Interface.
  • HNSWLib and NSG were implemented with fass lib.
  • The thirdpart libs include HNSWLib、NGT and Annoy that depending on faiss.

2. Decoupling 

  • The distributed layer doesn't directly depend on faiss and should access the unified interface of knowhere.
  • Each index implementation should be independent, there is an important thing that we keep maintenance thirdpart libs following the new source version.   
  • Move Knowhere to a new project.
  • We'd better decouple libfiu from the key code path, which should only use within the test code.

2. Support compile on  MAC 

  • Distributed layer
    • Optimize compile phase make Query and segcore module depends on knowhere shared library.  
    • Reconstruct  BinarySearchBruteForce and FloatSearchBruteForce functions within the query module by knowhere supported brute force search index.
    • Support an alternative way to use libfiu which doesn't compile on Mac, or provide a optional an option to use libfiu when compile compiling on Mac.
  • Engine Layer(knowhere)
    • Support a brute force search which is a kind of vector index and compiled on MAC & Ubuntu.
    • Upgrade faiss to the latest version, because the current version can not be compiled on Mac.