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Version = Major.Minor.Micro

It may be redistributed or packages with forth number in the form of A.B.C.D (Ubuntu/Debian) or A.B.C-D (Tizen).

The versioning rule is effective since 1.2.0 release.

Major: no policy is set, yet


  • EVEN: stable release
    • Micro: long-term-support versions, detached from master branch.
  • ODD: experimental/development release
    • Micro: marks progress in a Minor version release.

Here goes an example:

x.6.0 (stable) → x.7.0 (x.8.0 rc1) .... → x.7.1 (x.8.0 rc2) → x.7.2 (x.8.0 rc3) ... → x.7.y (x.8.0 rcy+1) == x.8.0 (stable) → x 9.0 (x.10.0 rc1) → ...  (in master branch)


  +→ .... hot fixes → x.6.1 (in x.6.y branch) 

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