NNStreamer Slack: https://nnstreamer.slack.com

We may migrate to LFAI's slack account with the following guideline IF lfai's slack is upgraded.

Project Slack

  • Projects can establish Project channels on the LF AI Slack (examples: #project, #project-help, #project-tsc) - For questions on setting up channels, email operations@lfai.foundation
  • A free Slack account was set up for the LF AI Foundation - This Slack account was set up with an inviter tool that allows automatic invites to anyone who would like to join versus an admin manually inviting each user (also bypasses the same company email domain restriction that login into slack normally requires) - Those interested in joining the LF AI Slack account can visit https://slack.lfai.foundation, where they can enter in their preferred email address and the invite to join the LF AI Foundation Slack will automatically be sent to their email for signing in or signing up - They should then join the channels they are interested in
    • Note: This is the Free Slack service, which does have limitations - The primary limitation is the message search only going back to the most recent 10K messages, thus, this tool should only be used for basic/informal communications that can be followed up with separate discussion via the applicable mail list or other tool/channel such as the LF AI wiki or GitHub
  • If the LF AI Slack account is used, the Projects should post this information on your wiki page (or other centralized information tool, such as GitHub) with any adjustments based on how your community chooses to utilize the communication channel
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