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IDEA: Idea only

IMPL: implementation started

TEST: testing / fixing bugs / untested

CMPL: completed

CMUP: completed but update required


  • Inter-pipeline communication protocol
    • (IMPL) flatbuf
    • (IMPL) protobuf
    • (IMPL) mediapipe
  • (IDEA) "Tensor-IF" (a new element!)
  • (IDEA) Memcpy-less-ness for GPU/NPU operations
  • AI Hardware accelerator libraries and neural network frameworks as tensor-filter
    • (CMPL) edge-TPU
    • (CMPL) movidius-X
    • (CMPL) nnruntime/nnfw
    • (CMUP) SNAP: SNAP v2 released with API updates
    • (TEST) vivante
    • (IDEA) SNPE
  • (IDEA) ML Training framework (a new element!)
  • (IMPL) Simple & Efficient Training Framework (nntrainer), "0.1" release
    • (IDEA) Integrate as a subplugin for ML Training framework
    • (IDEA) Do On-Device Reinforced Learning in an NNStreamer Pipeline!
  • Deeper integration to OS
    • (IMPL) Configurable Android AAR build scripts and releases
    • (IMPL) Add to Debian/Ubuntu (not just PPA!)
    • (IMPL) Full features integrated with Tizen .NET APIs
  • Tensor-filter API updates
    • (IMPL) Filter subplugin as a C++-class
    • (IDEA) Lambda-function as a filter subplugin.


  • Edge-AI (Edge-Device-Cloud AI)
  • Distributed pipeline w/ dynamicity & robustness supports
  • OS: Windows / iOS
  • APIs for Rust?
    • Rust APP API
    • Rust subplugin API



2018: Start of the project (2018.3.)


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