STEP 1: Create ISSUE

Create Github ISSUE, and describe what are you going to do briefly.

We will discuss if this Enhancement is necessary on that issue.

Example of Discussion:

STEP 2: Create MEP

Create MEP page on Confluence(Milvus Enhancement Proposals (MEPs)).

Here is the MEP Template:

MEP should contain Design Detail and  Test Plan, and we will discuss the Design Detail on that MEP page.

Example of MEP page: MEP 6 -- Support vector output fields design

STEP 3: Implementation && Open Pull Request

Now it's time to implement this MEP, and test on your local host.

After that, You can open a Pull Request at any point during the development process.

The PR should contain links of github ISSUE and MEP page.

STEP 4:  Code Review

Once a Pull Request has been opened, the person or team reviewing your changes may have questions or comments.

You can also continue to push to your branch in light of discussion and feedback about your commits.

After that, your changes will be merged into the main branch.

STEP 5: Update MEP Page

Now it's time to update the MEP page

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