Host:  Tan Zhongyi 


1. Introducing the new members of MLOps Committee - Liu Shilin & Liu Tao
2. Introducing the OpenMLDB project - Lu Mian
3. Introducing the Adlik Project—Liu Tao
4. Update MLOps Committee community progress

meeting content:

1. Member introduction:

a. Liu Shilin, CTO of Beisai Technology
b. Liu Tao, senior expert of ZTE AI platform, technical leader of Adlik open source project

2. Introducing the OpenMLDB project (Mian Lu)

3. Introducing the Adlik Project (Liu Tao)

4. MLOps Committee Community Progress (Tan Zhongyi)

a. Tan Zhongyi will report the current progress of the MLOps Committee to the LF AI & Data Council
b. Regarding the progress of the MLOps book, there are currently 15 chapters in the book, which are being revised according to the editor's suggestions, and 4 chapters have passed the editor's preliminary review.

1: Next meeting, Zhu Hailin & Liu Shilin will introduce their respective open source projects

Video of the meeting

Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1TrS6jUxZ04Vn1jKx9PfrBQ  Extraction code: 8t3l

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