Host: Tan Zhongyi


1.Members of the MLOps Committee introduce each other

2. Discuss the goals and plans for the operation of the MLOps Committee

meeting content:

1. Member introduction:

a.4Paradigm Zhongyi Tan:  Architect of Fourth Paradigm, founder of MLOps Committee

b.4Paradigm Fengxin Dai :  Fourth Paradigm Open Source Community Operation

c.4Paradigm Mian Lu: Architect of Fourth Paradigm, Head of OpenMLDB R&D

d. ZTE Liya Yuan :  Chairman of Adlik TSC, AI engineer of ZTE

e. ZTE Wei Meng :  Director of ZTE Standards and Open Source Planning

f. BAAI Yan Tian:  Responsible for the computing power platform, FlagPerf

g. Kyligence Hailin Zhu :  Byzer Community PMC, Kyligence Technology Partner

h. Microsoft Xiaoyong Zhu :  Feathr  initiator、Microsoft Principal Data Scientist

i. DIDI Xu An:  Head of Didi Open Source

2. Discuss MLOps Committee operational goals and plans

a. Organizing monthly regular meeting/orientation sharing meeting (ZhongYi)

b. The technical project OpenMLDB, Adlik, feast, feathr, byzer joined (ZhongYi))

c. LF AI & Data domestic summit, MLOps/AI engineering sub-forum (ZhongYi)

d. Publish the book of MLOps and invite Hailin to join (ZhongYi))

e. Commitee Budget Application (Meng Wei)

f. In addition to conferences, carry out courses/articles/books, etc., abstract MLOps methodology, educate basic engineers, and emphasize why MLOps is important (Xiao Yong, Tian Yan)

g. Regarding the CSDN New Computer Conference, can we add an AI engineering sub-forum (Zhongyi)

h. Invite 1 open source project in the upstream and downstream links of MLOps, integrate and improve the upstream and downstream ecology of MLOps, and help customers implement MLOps to form a case (Hai lin)


1: Meeting minutes updated to LF AI & data wiki

2: Tian Yan + Xiaoyong - article: Communication directory, communication object, overall logic

3: Invite other members

4: Next meeting in October

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