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Adlik is open to embrace any possible collabrations from the community and a techincal discussion meeting with Adlik developers will be arranged for a certain topic from time to time.  You can see information of Adlik techincal discussion meeting by subscribing to its mailing list which will send you TSC meeting information on

If you have a topic that you'd like to discuss, please send email to to request a technical discussion meeting.

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Topic: On demand
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  1. Topic: Presentation of Adlik Bear Release demo - with China Mobile
  2. Attendee: 

    九天:王斌 尹路 ,文辉,

    ONAP:邓灵俐 等


  1. Topic: Possible collabration with Paddle - with Baidu
  2. Zoom meeting: 20200722.mp4


  1. Topic: Review Adlik benchmark test solution - with AIIA
  2. Zoom meeting: TD_20200707.mp4
  3. Adlik video guidance
  4. Discussion on benchmark test of inference frameworks
  5. Discussion on model explainability test tool


  1. Topic: Review CR proposed to ORAN - with China Mobile
  2. Zoom meeting: TD_20200608.mp4
  3. Summary: 
    1. Add content to the original document in revision mode;
    2. Split compiling host and optimizing host in Figure1; 
    3. Add reference to Adlik;
    4. Add space between paragraghs;
    5. Merge model Deployment and Inference of compiled model and non compiled model;
    6. Sequence number alignment in Figure 13;
    7. Qi adviced to include the benchmark test tool in the CR introduction.


  1. Topic: Integration of Adlik in ORAN - with China Mobile
  2. Zoom meeting: TD_20200520.mp4
  3. Summary: Tao Liu introduced CR of O-RAN.WG2.AIML. Further work: 1) Push forward WG2 standardization 2) PoC.


  1. Topic: Integration of Adlik in MEC - with China Unicom
  2. Zoom meeting: TD_20200429.mp4
  3. Summary: Offline research of MEC architecture will be done, need further discussion to identify the target and tasks for the collabration.
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