DataOps is a set of tools and principles to support delivery of trusted, high-quality data. Below is an overview of the current discussion topics within the DataOps Committee. Further updates will follow as the committee work develops.

  • Identify Projects and tools in DataOps Space and get the community exposed to how these DataOps tools work together and where to use in the pipeline (with pros and cons).
  • Exposure to industrial approaches for dataset metadata management, governance, and automation of flow.
  • Understand usage of DataOps tools and practices through industrial use cases (by domain). Identify gaps in the use case implementation and discuss solutions to bridge the gap.
  • Exposure to tools and technologies that can help control the usage of data and securely access it across the enterprise in a cloud native platform.
  • Provide an opportunity for committee members to perform research in the DataOps space.
  • Educate the community about new developments in the DataOps space.

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Committee Chairs

Saishruthi SwaminathanNorth AmericaIBMsaishruthi.tn@ibm.com


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February 10, 2022

Egeria and OpenLineage Integration - Recording Link 

Oct 14, 2021



  • MLOps Committee Formation Proposal