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1 PM CETSetup video conferencing

Welcome message & Agenda Orange

5 Breakthroughs to scale ML beyond the limits of experimentsJamil Chawki, Orange

Trusted AI principles RREPEATSFrançois Jezequel & Souad Ouali, Orange

LF AI & Data Updates and the Road AheadIbrahim Haddad, LF

A visual and scalable DL component library for Trusted AIRomeo Kienzler, CTO and Chief Data Scientist, STSM | IBM

Open source for Advancing Education in AI Technology & BusinessTawhid Chtioui, AIvancity School 

RosaeNLG, an LF AI & Data Sandbox projectLudan Stoecklé, Founder of RosaeNLG

Accelerating AI maturity with MLOps,  François Tillerot, Orange

Datashim, an LF AI & Data project to accelerate data access for Kubernetes/Openshift workloads, Yiannis Gkoufas, IBM

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