LF AI Group Calendars Overview

Group calendars are managed within LF AI Foundation Groups.io subgroups (mail lists); with each sub-group (mail list) having a unique group calendar. Meeting invites from these group calendars are sent to the applicable sub-group (mail list). In order to see the various group calendars you must:

Subscribing to LF AI Group Calendars

You can directly subscribe to a Group Calendar to stay in sync with meetings and events

NOTE: When you receive a meeting invite in your inbox for a meeting scheduled within Groups.io (example TAC meeting invite available here) you have the option to directly add the meeting (.ics file) to your calendar tool. However, the only sure way to ensure that your calendar stays in sync with a Group Calendar is to subscribe. DO NOT RELY ON A .ics FILE in any Groups.io meeting invite as: 1) An ics file creates a static snapshot of the meeting at that point in time. 2) Updates and cancellations do not get propagated via this method. 3) You are guaranteed to have issues with seasonal time changes.

Option 1) Subscribe to an INDIVIDUAL sub-group(mail list) calendar 

Option 2) Subscribe to ALL of the Groups.io sub-group(mail list) calendars you are a member of at once

Zoom Bridge Overview

The LF provides some shared use Zoom meeting accounts for the LF AI community. Additional Zoom meeting accounts can be requested but will only be approved based on need, budget availability, and overall as the project scales. These shared Zoom accounts are owned by the LF, but usage and management is ultimately managed by the LF AI community. Please carefully review the following:

Zoom Bridge Errors 

Requesting / Changing / Canceling a Meeting

Those with prior approval for Alternate Meeting Host and Recording Privileges AND Meeting Moderator Privileges (see below) do not need to follow this process as you have the permissions to manage your own meetings. For all others, to request a new meeting to be set up or to change/cancel an existing meeting:

Note: A minimum of 2 business days lead time is required to review and complete requests. 

Scheduling/Managing Meetings in Group Calendars

The LF can set up individuals from the LF AI community with privileges to schedule and manage meetings in the LF AI Group Calendars (managed via the applicable Groups.io sub-group(mail list)) provided the following criteria is met.

Group Calendars Meeting Management Privileges Requirements:

After you have been granted Group Meeting Management Privileges, to create/update a meeting follow these steps within Groups.io:

Alternate Meeting Host & Recording Privileges

Recordings cannot occur unless someone registered as a the Zoom Host account is physically connected to the meeting using that account. The LF can set up individuals from the community with alternate-host credentials provided the following criteria is met.

Alternate Meeting Host & Recording Privileges Requirements:

By requesting meeting management privileges you agree that you will:

  • Not make any configuration changes to the Zoom meeting account's Profile or Meeting Settings
  • Not use any assigned meeting bridge to start any meeting at a different date or time than the one specifically allocated for that meeting
  • Not log into a different meeting using the same Host account  
  • Make an announcement if the meeting is being recorded
  • Save any recordings to your local computer and NOT TO THE CLOUD
  • Coordinate with another Alternate Host to manage any meeting that you cannot attend 
  • Assist the community with setting up new meeting bridges that may be requested

Step-by-Step Guide for Recording Meetings

First Time Only, LastPass Login/Steps Required:

  1. Open your LastPass account in your browser, and choose open my vault

  2. On the left lower part, press the icon with two people

  3. Choose "Manage Shared Folders" and approve the one from the LF AI

  4. The account's login will be add to your LastPass and you will be able to choose from it when logging into into the LF AI Zoom account

  5. For more details on LastPass set up, see Alternate Meeting Host and Recording Privileges above

Regular Zoom Login (after LastPass set up is complete):

  1. Go to https://zoom.us/signin to sign in using the LastPass information associated with your LF AI Zoom meeting account, press the marked part to choose from available accounts/passwords

  2. Select the LF AI Zoom account corresponding to the meeting you want to record and log in using it, the credentials will auto populate

  3. Choose "Meetings" from the menu on the left

  4. Find your meeting on the list (usually the top one) and click the "Start" button to launch your meeting

  5. After the meeting has started click the "Record" button located at the bottom of the Zoom window OR if someone is screen sharing the recording option will be found under the "More" section of the Zoom menu bar 

  6. Select "Record to this Computer"

    1. Note: Due to limited storage space in Zoom accounts, recording links stored in the cloud will expire, thus you must store your recordings locally prior to posting to the Wiki

  7. You can pause and resume if necessary and the recording will be saved as a contiguous stream

  8. Stop the recording when you are finished, it will be saved to your computer when the meeting is officially ended

    1. If you accidently stored in the cloud you must download the recording file from the recordings section in the Zoom account and then upload to the Wiki, once you confirm you have the recording file saved properly please delete it from the Zoom account
  9. Upload the zoom_#.mp4 to the applicable group Wiki page

    1. Files under 1.5GB can be uploaded directly to the Wiki

    2. Files larger than 1.5GB will need to be uploaded to the shared LF AI Google Drive, you will need to request access by emailing lfai-meetingrequests@lists.lfai.foundation

      • The recording should be linked back to the applicable group Wiki page

      • If an applicable meeting recording folder does not exist you may create a new one. (Note: This is an evolving model and updates will follow with a solution that better accommodates those with Google access issues)

  10. After you have verified the upload was successful and you can watch the recording from the Wiki, you can remove the files from your computer

  11. Note: Regarding Chat File Content, uploading the chat.txt file is often beneficial to the team. Be advised the chat file may contain private chats sent from/to the person recording the meeting.

  12. DO NOT upload any "audio_only" or "playback" files.

Ending an "In Progress" Meeting

A meeting owner has the right to terminate a meeting that is preventing their scheduled meeting from starting. If you have Zoom account privileges you can do it this way:

  1. Login to the Zoom account for the bridge

  2. Go to the Meetings tab on the left (if it isn't already there)

  3. Find the offending meeting that has your meeting blocked (the green ball indicates the meeting in progress)

  4. Click the "End" button

  5. You should notify lfai-meetinghosts@lists.lfai.foundation that you are going to do this and state which Zoom account you are using

List of Group Calendars Meeting Moderators

Please see above for more information on Alternate Meeting Host and Recording PrivilegesAll approved meeting moderators will be added to the lfai-meetinghosts@lists.lfai.foundation mail list for meeting troubleshooting and questions, see above.

Sub-Group(Mail List) Calendar

Meeting Moderators


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List of Alternate-Hosts for Zoom Meetings 

Please see above for more information on Alternate Meeting Host and Recording Privileges. All approved alternate-hosts will be added to the lfai-meetinghosts@lists.lfai.foundation mail list for meeting troubleshooting and questions, see above.

Zoom Account

Alternate Hosts

Acumos AI Zoom Accounts

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LF AI Zoom 1


Calendar Troubleshooting

Google calendar subscription isn't updating

Google calendar is notorious for long update delays of up to 12 hours or more for subscribed calendars and you cannot force it to update.  If the wiki calendar has been refreshed and the meeting in question matches what you see in Groups.io, the only way to force g-cal to update is to actually remove the calendar and re-subscribe. This is a known issue that the LF does not have any control over.

All the meeting times displayed on the wiki are wrong

As an anonymous user the wiki will display times in UTC.  Make sure that A) you are logged into the wiki and B) that you have set your timezone in your profile.

All the meeting times displayed in Groups.io are wrong

The default is UTC. Make sure you have set the timezone in your account profile.

Zoom Bridge: The meeting host is attending another meeting

If you receive the error, "The meeting host is attending another meeting" or similar message. Please see the Zoom Bridge Errors section.

I still need help

Send an email to lfai-meetinghosts@lists.lfai.foundation for help from within the community or email operations@lfai.foundation and you will receive a response as soon as possible.