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Attending Meetings

The current meetings take place monthly. The meetings take place on the second Thursday of the month.

Please contact Alejandro Saucedo if you  would like to join the meetings and contribute to the LF AI ML Security Working GroupCommittee.

You can also join the slack:  LF AI & Data Foundation - -  #mlsecops channel (coming soon) #ml-security channel if you would like to engage in discussion about the principles


machine learning security.

Committee Members

For any required communication please contact the chairperson members:

Below are a list of core working group committee members - all affiliations listed for identification purposes only:

First NameLast NameCompanyPositionEmail Address
BeatBuesserIBM ResearchResearch Staff Member

MatthieuMaitreMicrosoftPrincipal Software
AankurBhatiaIBMChief Data Scientist, IBM
HyrumAndersonRobust IntelligenceDistinguished
JacobBondGeneral MotorsSenior
ArunPrabhakarBoston Consulting GroupSecurity
TeodoraSechkovaVMwareOpen Source Software
PhilMunzTrojAIDirector of Data
JimSt.ClairLinux Foundation Public HealthED

Karade la MarckLinux Foundation / Continuous Delivery FoundationSenior Ecosystem Advocate

DianaAtanasovaVMWareOpen Source Software

Meetings Overview


Meeting #1

8th September, 2022

  • Introduction to Working Committee group goals
  • Outline initial milestones
  • Brainstorming and discussion


  • Teodora Sechkova
  • Luc Georges
  • Mattieu
  • Karen Bennet
  • Daniel Huynh
  • Arun Prabhar
  • Anna Jung
  • Adrian Gonzalez-Martin
  • Ankur Bhatia

Meeting #2

  • Update on workign group milestones
  • Presentation by
    • Arun Prabhakar - Senior Security Architect, Boston Consulting Group

Recording link

Meeting #3

  • Update on workign group milestones
  • Presentation by
    • Mitre ATLAS team
    • Daniel Huynh - CEO, Mithril Security

Recording link

Meeting #4

  • Update on workign group milestones
  • Presentation by
    • Luc Georges - ML & Software Engineer, HuggingFace