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  • Good first issue - only one Egeria call to make since more time will be spent mastering the whole contribution process.  There will be detailed instructions on what to code and where to put it.
  • New to open source - typically linking a few Egeria calls with some logic to process the results - the coding wil lbe will be relatively easy to give them time to master the Git/PR processes.  There wil lbe guidance on which Egeria calls to use.
  • Experienced in open source - more complex coding around the Egeria APIs - their challenge will be to learn about Egeria and so they will be guided to the right documentation - but they need to follow it to determi the right API calls.
  • Expert - these are likely to be regular contributors to Egeria and are expected to be familiar with the basic types and the documentation.  They will probably be using APIs thata are new to them.


The git repository will contain the directory structures, source files, and much of the build system so that we can build all samples as they are contributed.

Notes from briefing 5th August 2022

There will be a slack channel for the event ... we be onboarded about a week before ...

We will have our own zoom room that we can manage.  Can have break out rooms.  Zoom room can take 1000 people - we can nominate a max number of people.

All participants have to register to work on the project ... This is the page that the participants will see to decide which projects to choose from.

Participants register from  8th-to-16th September so we will only get one days notice on the numbers signed-up to Egeria.