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  • Server VS server-less Or just define the protocol?: Protocol, and up to the vendor to take care of the actual implementation, server or server-less
  • Data file type: What type of data we are supporting: e.g. for Delta needs to be parquet, RDBMS? Can modify the Jeffrey init cut below to support multiple data types, depending on the use case.
    • Inference: Pass by value should be good enough if it's only for predicting 
    • Train: not immediate, maybe later in Phase 2
  • Do we upload the data to AI (passed by value) and keep the data in the same location (pass by reference)?
  • Metadata structure, what kind of JSON schema do we need
  • Do we support training or just inference?
  • Do we only support a specific model type (ONNX) or arbitrary number of frameworkDo we upload the data to AI and keep the data in the same location and pass by reference?
  • Decouple model (asking the model to predict and train) and data (listing, upload, download)
  • Tableau version of OBAIC
  • Qlik version of OBAIC:
  • Finalize Logo