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In the following tests, the memory usage was measured for 3 million unique Unicode Russian words; "simple lookup time " was measured on a lookup for a specific one word.

Descriptionmemory usage (MegaBytes)UnicodeLookup time (nanosecond)Reverse-lookup
PAT-Triea pointer-based implementation of PAT-trie (aka Patricia-Trie and Radix-Trie) and may use a lot of memory because of that.242No333No
HAT-TrieTrie-HashMap hybrid. It is claimed to be the state-of-art Trie-like structure with the fastest lookups.125Yes195No
DA-TrieDouble-Array Trie C implementation101Yes281No
Marisa-Triememory-efficient recursive LOUDS-trie-based data structure implemented as C++ library11Yes2010Yes
DAWGDirected Acyclic Word Graphs2.8Yes249No