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Aug 10th, 2021

To join the meeting, please register here first, then we'll send you a Zoom invitation to your email address:

Meeting at 6:00-7:00 PT(Pacific Time). Convert to your time zone.

Requested Discussions:

  •  [yudong] Support query/search return vector raw data


  •  [zhenshan] Support Strings in Milvus 2.0
  •  [xiangyu] Support delete in Milvus 2.0


  •  [ruiyi] Milvus Insight and it's roadmap 


July 20th, 2021

Zoom meeting:


  • Topics(order rules: Things/Rules update < Things to decision < [Regular] MEPs < Others)
    •  [xiaofan] what’s inside Milvus 2.0 and the time schedule (Milvus 2.0 Roadmap and Time schedule
      • Reach the agreement about Milvus milestones and things to do. 
    •  [yefu] MEP workflow
      • assign a number to each MEP page
      • put the mep workflow on the confluence page
    •  [yangxuan] Merge PyMilvus and PyMilvus-ORM repo
      • Keeping which repo: PyMilvus

      • Keeping which set of API:

        • step1: both, and we mark PyMilvus API as `deperacated`

        • step2: pymilvus-orm

      • Keeping which package name: pymilvus

    •  [xiangyu] Update OWNERS files
      • Not good in tech meetings, to try the mailing list

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