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Presentation Template

April 6, 2021EgeriaMandy Chessell (slack) - TAC recording / deck
April 6, 2021OpenDS4allAndre de Waal (slack) - TAC recording / deck
May 20, 2021ONNXJim Spohrer (slack) - TAC recording / deck
July 15, 2021EDLTi Zhou (slack)
July 29, 2021Angel
Fitz Wang (to be asked)
Bruce Tao (slack)  (confirmed) deck
July 29, 2021AdlikMeng Wei (slack) (
confirmed) deck
12, 2021
( potentially Aug 12)Sparklyr Sigrid Keydana Yitao Li (slack) (confirmed) deck
Aug 12, 2021 MilvusJun Gu (slack)
AcumosAmit Kumar
Aug 26, 2021
SparklyrJavier Luraschi (to be asked)
Kendro new project into incubationYetunde Dada <>
Sept 9, 2021MarquezJulien le Dem (
to be asked
slack) (confirmed)
Sept 9, 2021
MilvusHai Jin (to be askedSept 23, 2021ForestFlowAhmad Alkilani (to be asked)
AcumosAmit Kumar (slack) (tentative)
Sept 23, 2021NNStreamer

MyungJoo Ham (

to be asked)

slack) (confirmed)

Oct 7, 2021Ludwig

Piero Molino

(to be asked)

(slack) (confirmed)

Oct 7, 2021Amundsen
Tao Feng (to be asked)

Mark Grover (slack) (confirmed)

Oct 21, 2021
AI Fairness 360Animesh Singh (to be asked)Oct 21, 2021AI Explainability 360Animesh Singh (to be asked)Oct 21, 2021Adversarial Robustness ToolboxAnimesh Singh (to be asked)Nov 4, 2021HorovodTravis Addair (to be asked)Nov 4, 2021FEASTWillem Pienaar (to be asked)

Nov 4, 2021FEAST

Willem Pienaar (confirmed)(invitation sent)

Nov 18, 2021

KServe - new project into incubation

Animesh Singh

Dan Sun

Dec 2, 2021

Flyte Graduation (15 minutes)

Ketan Umare (confirmed)
Dec 2, 2021JanusGraph

Oleksandr Porunov

Dec 2
Nov 18, 2021SOAJSAntoine Hage (to be asked)Nov 18
, 2021Delta

Kun Han (

to be

asked-slack and email)

Dec 2, 2021


Oleksandr Porunov <>

Dec 16,

Patrick McGarry (

to be asked)


Amber Thomas

Dec 16
Dec 2
, 2021
JanusGraphJason Plurad (to be
OpenLineage Julien Le Dem (asked)
Dec 16
Jan 13,
PyroFritz Obermeyer (to be asked
ART Graduation proposal"Animesh Singh" <>, "Beat Buesser" <> (confirmed)
6, 2021DatashimYiannis Gkoufas (to be asked)Jan 6, 2022FlyteKetan Umare (to be asked)Jan 20, 2022RosaeNLGLudan Stoeckle (to be asked)Jan 20, 2022SubstraFrameworkCamille Marini (to be asked)Machine Learning ExchangeAnimesh Singh (to be asked)VulcanKomputeAlejandro Saucedo (to be asked)OpenLineageJulien le Dem (to be asked)MARSChris Qin (
13, 2022

AI Fairness 360

AI Explainability 360

Adversarial Robustness Toolbox

Animesh Singh(confirmed)

Jan 27, 2022Artigraph - Incubation proposal Jacob Hayes <> + Alexei Pozdnukhov (confirmed)
February 10, 2022

Kompute - sandbox to incubation proposal (20min)

OpenLineage/Egeria integration (tentative)

Outreach committee update

Kompute --> Alejandro Saucedo <>(confirmed)

Julien LeDem, Mandy Chessell (asked)

February 24, 2022

RosaeNLG (tentative) annual review

Machine Learning Exchange

Luden Stoecklé (confirmed)

Animesh Singh (asked, 16FEB) - tentative

March 10, 2022

March 24, 2022

Datashim (confirmed)

Srikumar Venugopal <>

April 7, 2022RosaeNLG (confirmed)Ludan Stoecklé <> (confirmed)
April 21, 2022

May 5, 2022

May 19, 2022

Cannot schedule

Confirmed cannot scheduleSubstraFramework (tentatitve) (or 24MAR)

Current contacts: Eric Boniface <>, Mathieu Galtier <>

Confirmed that this project is currently not being updated.  Consider for a future timeline. 

No valid emailSoajsNot sure who to contact, no valid email
No responseDelta

Kun Han (asked-slack and email)

No responsePyroFritz Obermeyer asked 16FEB22
Confirmed cannot scheduleMARSConfirmed no plans and will not move forward. Chris Qin 
No responseForestflowAhmad Alkilani (asked), (asked 01FEB
to be asked