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In Tizen 5.5 or higher, use Machine-Learning Inference APIs (Native / .NET) to use NNStreamer in TIzen applications.

In Android Studio, use Use JCenter repository to use NNStreamer in Android applicationsStudio

In Yocto/OpenEmbedded, 's meta-neural-network layer supports has NNStreamer included.

MacOS users may install NNStreamer via Brew taps or build NNStreamer for their own systems.


Usage Examples

Applications for of these screenshots require very short lines of code and they (click screenshots to look at) and run efficiently in inexpensive embedded devices. They can even be implemented as a single-line bash shell scripts with NNStreamer.

Example applications are located at GitHub, nnstreamer-example.git. "Simple single line NNStreamer example scripts" along with their screenshots are at  and the Wiki page. 

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