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Trusted AI Principles from LF-AI announced Feb 8, 2021

Upcoming webinar on April 21, at 10am US Eastern, 3pm GMT, 11pm Beijing  The Trusted AI Principles: Practical Examples

A further session is planned for June 2021 on The Trusted AI Principles : Tools and Techniques 

View Past Webinars/Content:

Attending Meetings

In 1Q2021 we have weekly meetings  usually at 9 or 10am US Eastern to make it easier for participants in Asia to join

The working group is made up of:

  • Souad Ouali   (Chair)

  • Jeff Cao

  • Francois Jezequel

  • Sarah Luger 

  • Susan Malaika 

  • Alka Roy

  • Alejandro Saucedo

  • Marta Ziosi

Interested individuals

  • Robert Alexander
  • Rachel Bellamy
  • Robert Nagle

Meetings Overview



2021-03-03Review Progress on getting panelists for webinar on April 21 & on use case


 Review   Next steps after Principles Webinar 1 & announcement blog 


 Review   Principles Webinar 1 - Souad & Francois 

Agree Follow-on Webinars


Further details in #principles channel in slack
  Principles Webinar 1 - Souad & Francois  -

Review blog draft from Alka 

Review content in slack - also sent out in email to members - Susan

Identify next steps 


Topic: Review timeline for 2021 - all details in #principles channel in slack

  • use cases, and technologies that support the principles

  • webinar, website, blogs, slides, conferences

  • education materials

We created timeline for 1Q 2021 - including scheduling webinar for Feb 10 & identified edits for the website 


Topic: Share news from Governing Board session & Review plan for AI ethics training with Marta Ziosi

Notes and actions from the session can be found in #principles slack


Topic: Prepare for Governing Board session & 2021  
Attendees: Souad, Francois, Alejandro, Alka, Susan, Robert joined after the call ended (we had a short call)
We reviewed the slides again briefly - and noted a date error - now fixed
We reviewed activities to assign people to tasks & came up with some proposed assignments - more volunteers needed to work on :
        Website updates  (Susan) 
        Relationship of the Principles with existing and emerging trusted AI toolkits and software (Rachel)
        Principles education in ai-ethics-training outline for edx class created by Marta Ziosi (Alka) 
        Date for Principles webinar - 3rd week in January? 
        First draft blog for Principles to publish soon
        List of events in 2021 of interest to Principles WG

We also discussed:

-- the inclusive naming initiative & whether Principles WG members individually have an interest in joining, or the WG itself. See inclusive naming website slide deck | press release  - We'll discuss again soon after people review - eg whether to ensure that the Principles comply with Inclusive Naming
-- getting organized - how people join the WG or contribute 

Meetings through August, September, October & November 

 Worked on creating slide deck summarizing the Principles 


Topic: Review status & feedback for Principles - and hear from Ofer on Moral & Ethical AI


Topic:  Review status of feedback from reviewers for Principles

Attendees: Souad (in the office), Francois, Alejandro, Susan

Decisions & Actions:

-- Move meeting out 30 minutes - and shorten to 45 minutes

-- Incorporate ATT feedback (add explainability) & Marta comments

-- Actions

Alejandro - create new slides  with all updates from edits and feedback

Susan - create new document with all updates from edits and feedback

Alka - send updated materials to ATT

Souad - give update on Thursday as required

All - get everyone's sign-off internally ready for external sign-off


Topic: Emilie from Orange will present Orange principles

Finalize updated principles definitions

Review approach material and determine next steps

Define timeline for the work of the group


Topic: Review principles draft & update the terms

Attendees: Souad, Francois, Sarah, Susan, Alka, Alejandro

ACTION: All will review the definitions again now the terms have changed


Topic: Jeff from Tencent presented Tencent principles

Attendees: Francois, Jeff, Ofer, Susan, Alka, Alejandro

Aligned Tencent principles with draft principles

ACTION: Review terms: Private, Secure, Govern


View file
nameProposed Approach - LFAI Principles Working Group Committee(2).pdf


February 10: Introducing RREPEATS: The Trusted AI Principles

Join Souad Ouali (Head of interoperators' relationships Orange)  & Francois Jezequel (Director of Business Development, Orange Fab France at Orange) and other members of the Principles Working Group (WG) who will introduce the Trusted AI Principles, and some illustrations. They will also issue a call to action to the community. The Principles WG  is a subgroup of the Trusted AI Committee at the LF-AI and Data Foundation


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nameLFAI-TrustedAIPrinciplesWorkingGroup Version 03a February 2021.pdf

Some Useful Links

(1) Trusted AI website -

(2) RREPEATS - The Trusted AI Principles at a Glance

(3) An Overview of the Trusted-AI Principles (RREPEATS) at the LF-AI

(4) The Principles Working Group in the Trusted AI Committee at the LF-AI