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  • Sub Projects Approvals
    • nnstreamer-api or "API"
      • We may need to invite SNAP developers as committers and co-maintainers of this sub-project.
      • Do we need to separate per programming language?
        • API-C, API-DotNET, API-Java, API-CPP and so on? or everything in API.git?
    • nnstreamer-subplugins-*
    • nnshark
    • nntrainer may need their own tech-group. (we have new potential contributors who are interested only in nntrainer)
  • New Committer? (if we have someone with a serious amount of contribution by then)
    • Hyeonseok Lee 
    • If SNAP agrees on collaborating "API", we may need to invite a few SNAP developers as new committers. (need voting)

  • Invite observers (SNAP developers, Cambridge AI researchers, ...)

  • Postponed items (no details available... resume this if we get details before TSC meeting)
    • Accept suggestions on external activities
      • Workshops with university labs
      • Which conferences/workshops to submit papers/posters/talks