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Table of Contents

ONNX Group Calendar Overview

Group calendars are managed within LF AI Foundation subgroups (mail lists); with each sub-group (mail list) having a unique group calendar. Meeting invites from these group calendars are sent to the applicable sub-group (mail list). In order to see the various group calendars you must:

View Instructions on How to Subscribe to LF AI Group Calendars

For detailed information on LF AI meeting management processes view this page: LF AI & Data Foundation - Community Meetings and Calendars

ONNX Meetings List




Subgroup (mail list)


Dial In Link

Day of Week (frequency) 00:00 AM/PM - 00:00 AM/PM (timezone)Meeting Title (Zoom Account Used)

Meeting Owner/Moderator

Meeting Purpose

Zoom Name:

ONNX Group Calendar 

Team Calendars

List of Group Calendars Meeting Moderators

Please visit the LF AI Foundation - Community Meetings and Calendars wiki page for more information on meeting moderator privilege requirements and how to request.

Sub-Group(Mail List) Calendar


onnx-wg-training@lists..., jedi@us

Zoom Meeting Links & Hosts

Please visit the LF AI Foundation - Community Meetings and Calendars wiki page for more information on Zoom meeting host privileges and how to request. 

All approved meeting hosts will be added to the mail list for meeting troubleshooting and questions.

Zoom account credentials are available here: