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Please see above for more information on Alternate Meeting Host and Recording Privileges. All approved alternate-hosts will be added to the mail list for meeting troubleshooting and questions, see above.

Zoom Account NameGroup Affiliated

Alternate Hosts

LF AI Zoom 

(links vary)

LF AI Staff

Acumos AI Zoom Accounts

View All Here

Acumos Technical ProjectView Here

LF AI Zoom 1Zoom1

Trusted AI Committee


The default is UTC. Make sure you have set the timezone in your account profile.

How do I convert my time zone to UTC?

Setting your timezone correctly on your computer, in and on the wiki, should correctly display meeting times for your local time zone. If you need just a general conversion chart, try world clock meeting planner.

Zoom Bridge: The meeting host is attending another meeting

If you receive the error, "The meeting host is attending another meeting" or similar message. Please see the Zoom Bridge Errors section.

Do meetings using private bridge numbers need to be added to the LF AI group calendar?

If the meeting is a community meeting, yes absolutely. The meeting should be added to the appropriate calendar for the list used by the project.

Who can set up a meeting on a group calendar?  

Every distribution list will have a "Meeting Moderator(s)". Meeting Moderators have access to create/change/delete meetings from the calendar for that distribution list. View the list here.

Who can set up a new Zoom bridge? 

Permissions for shared Zoom account management will usually be the same as the Meeting Moderators, found here, for each subgroup (mail list). The list of alternate hosts for shared zoom meeting accounts can be viewed here.

Which Zoom Link is assigned to which subgroup (mail list)?

See the list of alternate hosts for shared zoom meeting accounts here

What if I want a meeting but there are no Zoom accounts available for that time slot?

If it is for a reoccurring meeting, you will need to email to determine if there will be any new Zoom accounts added to the project soon. If not, you will need to use your own personal meeting account.

If it is for a one-off meeting, you will need to email with your request following the instructions here.

What do #cal-invite and #cal-cancelled mean in the notification emails sent from

#cal-invite is a meeting invite

#cal-cancelled is a meeting cancellation

I still need help

Send an email to for help from within the community or email and you will receive a response as soon as possible.