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During the march 11th GB F2F meeting, the board recommended having a reference ML workflow / stack, and showcasing where current LF AI hosted projects fall. The idea is to have a reference architecture and to allow us to identify gaps in our project portfolio so we can focus on project recruitment in areas that we need most, leading us to provide a reference implementation using LF AI hosted projects.

Mail List

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Working Group Lead: Ofer Ofer Hermoni <>





Ibrahim HaddadLinux
Nat SubramanianTech
Vishnu Ram OVMember of ITU FG
Vijay R
Gordon I.
Hussain A. AlkazemiWorld Bank Group (WBG)
Patrick FuGemini Open
Edison Peng Gemini Open

Sophia Arakelyan

Neeraj Kashyap

Next Meeting

Thursday October 3, 2019 at 8:00 am PT.

Please contact Ofer Hermoni or email to be added to the call invitation.


How to Join:

Contact Ofer to get invites

Meeting Content (minutes / recording / slides / other):



  • Goals defined for the meeting:
    • Reevaluate the ML Workflow stack according to feedback we got
    • Work on integration between different LFAI projects
  • Ofer Hermoni shared that there is a lot of interest from the community (LFAI members and the broader community), and many joined this effort, we have 18 people representing 8 companies!
  • evaluate the ML Workflow stack (see here updated deck):
    • Patrick Fu (from Gemini Open Cloud) shared their view on the ML Pipeline (see slide 2 on the deck), main difference was the data consistency layer - we added it to our stack
    • Ofer Hermoni mentioned that Fitz Wang showed in OSS that Angel supports Feature Engineering as well - we added that to the stack
    • Next step - update existing projects on the new stack
  • Integration between different projects:
    • Natarajan Subramanian shared with the team the work we are doing regarding the integration between Acumos and Angel and between Acumos and Horovod
    • Next step - set a "1:1" session dedicated to the integration between Angel and Acumos (Thursday September 19th)
  • More next steps


  • We farther refined the presentation and discussed next steps for this group
  • IBM presented some of the internal work they are doing around AI open source


  • We discussed the different open source projects and mapped them to our stack. See the results here
  • Next week Animesh will present a framework IBM is building and we will discuss how it can be beneficial to create collaboration between different LFAI projects
  • We will also prepare content for the next TAC meeting in which we will review our progress


  • We defined our goal, and started to review the stack. This is the result