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LF AI & Data Contact Name & Contact Details: Erin Thacker, 

Event Website: Check back for website soon

Event Registration: Check back for registration link soon

Event Agenda/Schedule: Check back for agenda/schedule soon


To Do

Due Date




Post presentations and recordingsOctober 22
Event Lead
Communicate availability of the event's recordings and presentationsMarch 31October 25
LF AI & Data-LF AI social scheduled for TBD.




Topic / Speaker

Deck / Recording Links

8:00 AM PST15 minutes

Event Kickoff - Agenda Review, Host: Rajeev Nalawadi (Intel)

ONNX Progress Update

Speakers: ONNX Steering Committee - Prasanth, Alex, Wenming, Rajeev

5 minutes

8:15 AM PST1 hour, 55 minutes

Community Presentations (Agenda Review)

Host: ONNX SC Member

10 minutes

#1 ONNX Runtime Web: running your machine learning model in browser

Speaker: Emma Ning (Microsoft)

Slides, Recording

10 minutes

#2 ONNX as standard format for institution with legacy

Speaker: Haixuan Xavier Tao ( Banque France)

10 minutes

#3 ONNX and the AI on IBM Z client journey

Speaker(s): Elpida Tzortzatos & Andrew M. Sica (IBM)

Slides, Recording

10 minutes

#4 Intel® Neural Compressor: A Scalable Quantization Tool for ONNX Models

Speaker: Mengni Wang (Intel)


10 minutes

#5 Ascend CANN and ONNX : inference interoperability for better performance

Speaker: Zhipeng Huang (Huawei)


10 minutes

#6 Intel® OneAPI software stack: ONNX Support for xPU hardware

Speaker: Kiefer Kuah (Intel)

10 minutes

#7 ONNX: Boosting PaddlePaddle Deployment in Industry

Speaker: Jiajun Jiang (Baidu)


10 minutes

#8 Auditing considerations for ONNX models and benchmarking with QuSandbox

Speaker: Sri Krishnamurthy (QuantUniversity)

10 minutes

#9 TVM: Dynamic shapes, control flow, and quantization with a compiler

Speaker: Jason Knight (OctoML) and Andrew Luo (OctoML)

Slides, Recording

10 minutes

#10: Place of ONNX in OpenVINO ecosystem

Speaker: Sergey Lyalin (Intel)

10 minutes

#11: Triton & ONNX Runtime

Speaker: Ashwini Khade (Microsoft), Mahan Salehi (Nvidia)

10:10 AM PST50 minutesSIGs and WGs Updates - Agenda Review, Host: ONNX SC Member

10 minutes

Architecture/Infrastructure SIG Update

Co-Chairs: Ashwini Khade (Microsoft)

10 minutes

Operators SIG Update

Co-Chairs: Michal Karzynski (Intel), Ganesan Ramalingam (Microsoft)

10 minutes

Converters SIG Update

Co-Chairs: Chin Huang (IBM), Guenther Schmuelling (Microsoft)

Slides , (Slides PDF upload)

10 minutes

Model Zoo / Tutorials SIG Update

Co-Chairs: Wenbing Li & Mark Hamilton (Microsoft)

10 minutes

Pre-processing WG

Co-chairs: Joaquin Anton (Nvidia)

Q&A and Meetup Conclusion

ONNX SC Member






Community Talks

SIG Talks